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DSC Regen

DSC Regen is an independent regeneration agency and VET provider with bases in London and Leicester. We have a core staff team of six people, complemented by sessional tutors, associate consultancy staff and specialist advisors. Initially established in 2004, the organisation specialises in the development, management and delivery of training and employment programmes, as well as social enterprise business support and fundraising. Our track record also incorporates the development and management of a number of successful social enterprises and particular areas of expertise include programme and project management, business planning and feasibility research.

DSC Regen is committed to sustainability and works to integrate sustainable development principles and practices within our training, employment and organisational development activities. In this context, sustainability is taken to have three key meanings:

We promote activities, methods and learning opportunities that minimise negative environmental impacts and only use resources at a rate they can be replenished naturally. We work to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions by integrating practical sustainability actions in relation to energy, water, waste, procurement and transport within our own activities and those of our partners and learners.

Our training and employment programmes are designed to equip learners with the skills and experience that they need to access sustainable employment. We aim to contribute towards sustainable economic growth by addressing the specific skills needs and requirements of employers in emerging growth sectors within the economy at local, national and European levels.

We are committed to reducing social exclusion and widening participation for different sectors of society through community engagement and development work. We are also fully committed to providing learning environments where everyone feels that they are understood and respected by promoting personal development and sharing positive values. Our services also contribute towards progress that recognises the needs of everyone by addressing social barriers to participation in training and employment through measures such as flexible delivery of training and links to local childcare provision

DSC Regen is a City and Guilds accredited training centre and we offer vocational qualifications in Energy Efficiency and Community Development, as well as Functional Skills and Employability & Personal Development qualifications designed to enable learners to develop workplace skills and facilitate entry to and adaptation and development within the world of work.

Our vocational training provision is employment led and we provide extensive Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), employment support and job brokerage services for our vocational learners, as well as added value activities such as ‘meet the employer’ events, work experience placements and job trials. Since 2010 we have also offered opportunities for learners to undertake periods of study and work experience in other EU countries – including Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

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